Submission Guidelines

  1. Events should be in Lexington or surrounding smaller cities, and essays should submitted within a month of the event.

  2. Write about 500 to 1500 words, and submit via word document or google doc. It needs to be editable by Chris!

  3. Somewhere on the page, identify your event with one of our genre tags (don’t get too precious about this, it’s just a label! We’ll use them to sort entries).

    • Genre Tags: Indie Rock, Punk, Heavy Metal, Country/Bluegrass, Folk, Old Time, Folk/Singer-Songwriter, Hip-Hop, Blues, Cover Bands/Party Bands, “Rock History” Tribute Shows (like those that have happened surrounding Pink Floyd, Velvet Underground, Joni Mitchell)

  4. Include a creative title for your essay, or we can help you come up with one.

  5. Don’t forget to include the Artist/Band name and venue name!

  6. At the end of your essay, write a brief bio (100 words or less) introducing yourself to readers.

    • If you would like to remain anonymous, come up with a pseudonym and a short, non-revealing bio :)

  7. If you want to include a picture or video, please send as an attached file, not within the body of your essay.


Send submissions, as an editable Word or Google Doc to